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This blog is about some of my  experiences as a yoga teacher and the joys and failures I encounter as I endeavour to make a living from something that I believe in and also love to teach. The blog also embraces any other  topic that arouses my interest enough to write about .   I am a curious being, consequently  have  quite  varied and sometimes surprising  interests, some which  have led me to  spending years of my life following them.  Anticipate some unexpected pieces  along  the way . 

Yoga in our Everyday Lives

Recently I was invited to speak in #Belfast at a gathering dedicated to raising awareness around local environmental concerns. This gathering was a heartfelt pledge

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Embracing the Joys of Summer: A Gentle Reflection

“Embrace the joys of summer in Northern Ireland as I paddle through inland waterways, savor garden delights, and anticipate new somatics adventures. Join me in this reflection of gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead in this enchanting season of growth and renewal.”

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