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1 : iRest Six Week Immersion Course £85.00 

2 : Four Week Breath Work Programme £50.00

1. iRest Six Week Immersion Course in Meditation
Starts Friday 3rd March 18.00 to 20.00 - £85.00

The iREST 6 WEEK MEDITATION COURSE is a body centred, guided meditation practice for self-regulation and care.

  1. Decreases Hyper-vigilence
  2. Increases Restful Sleep
  3. Decreases Avoidance
  4. Increases Self- Regulation
  5. Decreases Chronic Pain
  6. Increases Resilience
  7. Decreases PTSD symptoms
  8. Increases Self-Efficacy

iRest combines Eastern and Western practices into a practical and secular program for healing. It is derived from an ancient yogic meditation practice and has been developed over 45 years by clinical psychologist Richard Miller, PhD.-A simple self-paced program offered in a group which focuses on physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Over 25 research studies have been completed utilising iRest for healing PTSD, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and for enhancing resiliency and well-being. iRest is also being studied as a non-pharmacological alternative to drugs that are used to treat PTSD, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and sleep-related issues.

“Will definitely return to this course, for in-depth understanding, I took from it what I needed and I can’t put into words the change I feel. It goes beyond better sleep, positive thinking etc, it’s far more than that only it didn’t involve that much work which is odd, I just showed up to class and listened to the audios regularly. An almost sub conscious change within me without really doing anything. Intriguing!”


“You helped me taking steps in dealing with my terrible loss, I really thank you for that”


“ When I practice iRest I notice that I have a sharper mental clarity and am able to relax faster to relieve both the mental and physical stress I’m under.”’


“I truly believe that iRest helps to save my life every day. It has given me the hope and strength I needed to reconnect myself to the world again”.

iRest Overview

Intention is a dynamic agreement you make with yourself, and express during your meditation and in your daily life. You will learn how to discover your unique intentions and how to use these intentions to support you through a successful meditation and to achieve your goals day by day

In this class we explore the 2nd step of iRest . Affirming your deepest Heartfelt Desire. Your Heartfelt Desire is the life force within you that gives rise to your heart’s deepest calling your deepest gifts are awakened, called forth by the needs of our world, bringing fort your inner feltsense of purpose.

In this class the 3rd step of the iRest Protocol – Deeply patterned within us we have an inner resource of unchanging well-being that we can call upon at any time . This inner resource is a state of body and mind in which you feel whole, healthy, and deeply connected to yourself and everything around you . In this session you will learn how to tap into this powerfully ally that enables you to feel grounded, and at ease within ourselves no matter what circumstances we face.

In this class the 4th and 5th steps of iRest we will build on the first three resolutions of meditation practice by exploring Body sensing – the practice of recognising and responding to sensory information , to help you experience physical , psychological, and spiritual well-being. You will learn how to use Body sensing to calm your central nervous system , achieve deep physical and mental relaxation , and grow your capacity to experience health and happiness. We will explore Breath Sensing to help focus your attention, sooth your nervous system , calm your thinking mind , and support your ability to tap into your Inner Resource of unchanging wellbeing, so that you can dive ever deeper into the felt-sense of equanimity and peace during your practice of meditation.

In this class the sixth step of the iRest Meditation Protocol. We will explore how to connect and orient to our emotions and to access the information you need not just to survive, but to thrive in ways that keep you in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

The 7th step in iRest Meditation teaches skilful means for dealing with all cognitions- be they thoughts, memories, beliefs or images and teaches you how to stay calm and serene when your thoughts are intense and reactive . Inviting you to pause , and gain insight before responding, changing habitual reactions . In this session you will learn how to welcome your thoughts as messengers helping you to engage responsive actions and discover your value , meaning and purpose in the world.

The ability to feel joy the 8th step in iRest is something we’re all born with -joy is always present within us , patiently waiting for your attention . In this session you will learn how to access feelings of joy at any time .Regularly experiencing joy can strengthen your immune system , boost energy and diminish your perception of pain, anxiety , fear and depression.

In this last class we take everything we have learned to date and explore the final 2 steps of iRest. Welcoming Essential Nature, Itself. Together we will explore the stages of remembering and embodying Wholeness and explore qualities of our Essential Nature , unqualified Awareness and undivided Wholeness.

The benefits of iRest Meditation are designed to be experienced in every moment of daily life – on and off your meditation mat – 24 hours a day . 7 days a week , for the rest of our lives . In this final session you will learn ways to make iRest meditation a way of living your life – wherever it takes you.


2 : Four Week Breath work Course
Next course after Easter

Breathwork encompasses various techniques that incorporate intentional use of the breath.

Practices range from simple deep breathing to more advanced methods.

Stimulates circulation. Releases tensions in the muscular body.  Strengthens the Respiratory System. Energises entire body. Reduces stress and anxiety. Helps you live more in the present moment.

Enhances focus and clarity. Improves confidence. Relieves negative thought patterns.

Improves self-esteem. Boosts positivity and drive. Worry less, live more.

“The breathing workshop worked wonders and really helped us to relax and clear our  minds for what was ahead of us  . The exercises were easy to do and there were lots of practical tips & advice guests could take away with them”.

“The breath work programme was thoughtfully presented and the breath exercises were super effective “

“Hi Marella just to let you know I practice the Breathwork 4 to 5 times a week and it has changed my life. Many thanks “

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4 week core strengthening yoga workshop for cyclists includes sauna + cold dip in pond

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