Intro to Meditation

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The  Introduction to Meditation is a one off 90 minute workshop gently introducing you to the practice of meditation, guiding you through some basic meditation techniques and will also include the use of some simple breathing to enable the student to concentrate.

During the session we will discover what meditation is , the associated benefits . We will look at the reasons to meditate – and cover how to physically set yourself up for an optimal meditation experience.
Meditation tips and techniques will help the student to continue on their meditation journey

On the day a number of simple meditations will be tried out by the students and the session finishes with a selection of frequently asked questions about meditation.

Each student will be given access to a 3 part guided meditation audio series and also 10% Discount from my upcoming “Four Week Meditation Course” and my “Eight Week iRest Meditation Course”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your yoga questions answered

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