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The Introduction to iRest is one of a series of introductory courses ongoing here at the Bamboo Loft . This is  taster session for the longer 6 week course which is available here at the loft several times a year 
Typically it is a two hour  workshop introducing you to the practice of iRest.
iRest is a powerful transformation practice derived from the ancient teachings of meditation that invites deep relaxation and healing of our bodies mind and spirit. 
Benefits include release of stress and tension giving us an ability to encounter difficult situations with a sense of ease and lightness . Helping us to let go of trying to control our experience. Helping  us to  let go of trying to fix or change things . 
A typical workshop will include an introduction to the principles that are then  put into practice. In the practice itself we will be either lying on a yoga mat with blankets and pillows for support  or sitting comfortably on a chair . The teacher will then begin a guided meditation that can often last up to 45mins . 

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